Additional Cost


Are you facing additional costs on a building job for additional work
don’t feel its justified?


Is there mounting costs for a building job and
this cost is due to customer changing the spec or their mind?

Additional Cost

When additional costs are discussed during a building job it can cause issues and disputes. The homeowner wasn’t expecting and the builder feels the additional cost is justified. We can help you find a middle ground and agreement without spending lots of money on courts and Solicitors costs.

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Homeowners and builders just like any other people are bound to get into disagreements. When conflicts arise, it is important that both parties put aside their differences and try to resolve the issue. This can be done with the help of a mediator. Below are some of the issues that may arise between homeowners and builders and how mediators can help.

A contract is essential during construction. When issues concerning the contents of the contract arise, mediation can be an effective way to solve them. The mediator helps the parties compromise to come up with a reasonable solution.

Conflicts arise between the owner and the design professionals when the owners’ specifications are not followed. In this case, the mediator tries to understand the designers’ argument since the specifications could have been unclear and ambiguous. The mediator also tries to understand why the owner’s argument. With this, the two parties can come up with an amicable solution.
Conflicts between owners and builders can materialize when additional work comes up. This is because the owner ends up being inconvenienced. Mediation can come in handy here since the extra scope of work could have been an unpredictable event.
The homeowners are the only people that grant permission for construction to begin. When authority is not granted and builders commence work, issues are bound to arise. A mediator listens to the builders’ side since they are the experts on the ground and their reasons could have weight. He/she also acknowledges the owners’ authority and helps both parties sit down and compromise.

Every owner expects his or her project to be completed within the time stipulated in the contract. If the amount of time given to builders is over and the project is not complete disputes can occur. On the other hand, the factors that may have caused the delay could have been beyond the builder’s control. Such things are put into consideration during mediation.

When an owner’s job is not completed, it is important to involve a mediator to analyse both the owner’s and builder’s arguments. This helps in coming up with a win-win solution so that none of the parties feels like they have been treated unfairly.

Materials used in any property are specified and provided by the owners. When the specified material brought in by the owner is not used, issues are prone to arise. Mediators come in and help both parties compromise and create solutions that are best for them without taking sides.

Additional Costs Incurred

Sometimes during construction additional costs not budgeted for arise. This then causes conflict since the owner will have to pay more money than initially agreed. Mediation takes all of this into account and also tries to look at the reasons why the additional costs occurred so that both parties can come to a solid agreement.
During construction natural factors like heavy rains can damage property. Mediation seeks to find a possible solution putting into consideration the owner’s loss and the builders’ take on the whole situation.


It is evident that between homeowners and builders unavoidable. If they do arise, the best way is to look at how you can solve them and involving a mediator has been proven to be a very good method to do so.

This is because Mediation4Builders Lincolnshire analyse the conflicts without bias and assists both parties to reach win-win solutions.